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Datacenter DC 19 Systemec

Datacenter DC19 is located in Venlo, the Netherlands. DC19 is the largest datacenter of Systemec and has been build according the guidelines of a TIER III+ datacenter. This has been realised by doubling the power and cooling facilities and by realising the unique connections by using a darkfibre to connect with the remaining datacentres, but especially with the datacenter DC Nettetal in Germany.  

The realized cross-border Twin-datacenter-concept makes use of two independent power networks, due to this a platform with a maximal redundancy has been created and so the highest possible availability. On the TIER page you can read what this classification includes.

Datacenter services DC 19

Due to the design of DC 19 it is possible to get next to your own private rack a private cage. Within the menu item technical specifications you can find all the technical information of DC 19 and see if this datacenter fits to your company and demands. 

Case study

The realisation of the electronic infrastructure of datacenter location DC 19 and DC Nettetal is being used as case study. The cooperation between ABB, GSV and Systemec during the construction is presented, and some technical solutions that were applied will be discussed.