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Data security

Your company's data is crucial for your continue existence of your organisation and nowadays data losses are not affordable anymore. Privacy sensitive information of your customers is due to the atomisation nowadays saved digital and often accessible via the Internet. You want to save your data as secure as possible, you do not want that everyone can access your data. Systemec can help you with the realization of this security. Systemec gives customized advice on how to protect your data in the best way.

Security Systemec’s datacentres

Sensitive data has to be secured physical and online. Systemec has several solutions and qualifications that make it possible to create the optimal surrounding for your data. Next to the special designed datacenters, Systemec provides UTM firewalls that protect against online attacks and threads. Furthermore, Systemec is a qualified Healthcare Service Provider.   

Physical security

The datacenters of Systemec are designed and set up to a minimal Tier III qualification, to protect your data and optimize the availability. All locations are foreseen of alarm systems, camera detection, biometric access control, fire detection and fire extinguish systems. 

Before someone gets access to one of the datacenter he/she has to be registered. By use of a combination of: biometric control, mobile numbers, alarm codes and rack codes every person gets limited access to a certain rack or area within the datacenter. 

You can find more information about the physical security on the separate datacenter sub websites, these sites you can visit by using the datacenter navigation map in the right upper corner of this page. 


Online security 

Systemec provides UTM firewalls, including operational control and monitoring. These firewalls offer complete security solutions, whereby the customer is the main focus. The rang of products that are being offered, offer protection against several different threads, such as malware, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, Ip spoofing attacks, spam intrusions and data leakage. With these security solutions your data is safe, get in direct contact with one of our employees if you also want to secure your data online. 

Healthcare Service Provider qualification 

Systemec is since the year 2010 qualified as Healthcare Service Provider, whereby it meets strict security demand regarding the security of data. This qualification shows that Systemec meets strict demands regarding security, redundancy, quality of the services and the registration of several procedures conform the regulations regarding the secured exchange of the electronic patient records.

However the regulations are specifically focused on healthcare, the qualification is also important for non-healthcare related customers. The security, redundancy and quality of the services are for our other services equivalent.   

The technical security specifications can be found on the separate datacenter pages. Select one of the datacenters in the datacenter navigation map. If you have questions about the security of Systemec please contact one of our employees.